Heat Preservation Methods for Window

Heat Preservation Methods for Window

Except choosing high quality window glass and frame, window style with god heat preservation performance and reasonable window area, the installation technology of window is critical to the heat preservation of window too. Here are things need to pay attention to when install window:

  • Check whether components of window is qualified

Check the quality of window components before installing- the compactness of window frame and sash, the quality of sealing strip. The sealing strip is better to have high softness under low temperature. Sealing strip with poor quality will turn hard under low temperature.

  • Check the hole for installing window

Flatness is the key for the air tightness and stability of window. In turn, the flatness of window has close relation to the hole for installing window. Home owner should check the size and shape of hole before installing.

  • Avoid fill the gap with cement mortar

The gap between window frame and wall should be filled with elastic material and apply sealant on it. Do not use cement mortar to fill the gap.

  • Be careful for the installation of sealing strip

If the sealing strip do not applied correctly – uneven or bulging phenomenon appears on sealing strip, air leakage will happen on window. As heat expansion and cold contraction, the sealing strip should not be installed to tight. Or it will deform in summer for temperature increasing. If the window is installed in summer, then the sealing strip should be applied tightly for preventing cold contraction in winter.

When your energy bill increased largely compared with the same period in the last year and you feel cool in home even the air conditioner is open all the time, then you should consider whether your window is out of work.Take heat preservation measures for your old window can save you much bill on energy.

  • Fill the inter layer of double glazed window

Saw powder not only can absorb humidity in the window, but also can block the cool air out of window. If you do not want to cut off your visual field by saw powder, then here is another solution for you: seal the window gap with wastepaper and paste.Learn tips for double glazed window maintenance here.

  • Add plastic film on plastic steel window

After using for a long period, plastic steel window will leak air. If the gap is too large, it will be difficult to bond. Home owner can use this method to repair it: paste sponge around the side of window and then cover the whole window with plastic film.

  • Paste glass heat preservation film on bay window and French window

Glass heat preservation film and glass heat preservation paint can improve the heat preservation performance of window at the same time of do not affecting their ornament value.

  • Deal the gap between window and wall

When gap is found between window and wall, you need to deal it timely. Clean the gap;fill it with poly foam board; apply cement with high mark on the poly foam board; over coating the filled area. Sealing strip and felt strip can be used to fix the air leaking of sash and window frame. Find more home improvement tips at melodyhome.

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