How to spot a good Music Function venue online and what to look for?

A good venue is very important for success and failure of any event. Choosing the venue is one of the most delicate decisions that event planners have to take. Before searching for the venue, three factors should be kept in mind-

  • Budget
  • Number of guests/ invitees
  • Type of event(formal or informal)

Once these 3 things are clear to you, you can select the venue.

The following points will include what you are looking for

  • Location– It is a vital factor for everyone. You should know who the invitees are. If they are mostly coming from outside the city, a venue near to the airport would be better, and if unavailable, then it should be located at a reasonable distance. Proper transport should be available to reach. Look whether parking facilities are available or not. You even hire a parking slot if required. For example, Melbourne has hundreds of awesome venue for your event, ensure to pick a venue with an amazing event venue in Melbourne.
  • Facilities and services– Great venues offer great facilities and services as standard. It can have add on benefits such as refreshments, meeting room, kids play area, audio video specialisation, stationary and technological support. If there are out of town delegates, can the venue provide accommodation?
  • Space– There may be a slight chance that more people turn up than actually invited. So think of a venue that can accommodate more guests over and above your initial count.
  • Site visit- if you visit the site, here are a few things you can look out –
  1. The welcome you receive from reception
  2. Cleanliness
  3. Are the conference rooms are well equipped
  4. Is there outside space, which can be used for breaks?
  5. Is the staff friendly and warm?
  6. What is the rating of the venue? You can even read testimonials
  7. You can meet the chef and decide the menu with him
  • Food and drinks– Great food and drink will be remembered by your guests forever. Decide the food which should be liked by everyone, have both the beverages alcoholic and non alcoholic. Have separate menu for vegetarians and non vegetarians and finally book in a reputed catering company! If in Australia, we recommend iQ catering Melbourne for exceptional food and beverage catering service in Heidelberg.  Serve welcome drink for the guests.
  • Decor– Pay attention to decor of the location, and check if it is fit for your party or not. If you are holding a hip hop party you might require a different location. If your ambiance does not match with the party you are organizing, you will have to decorate more.
  • Response– When you have found the desired center; carefully observe how the venue team responds to your inquiry. This will be reflective of what the venue service will be like throughout your booking. You may also visit the site before you book the venue to know to more clearly.

Finding or selecting the right venue for your event maybe time consuming, but once you are very well acquainted what you are looking for, what will be your needs, you may carefully observe the other factors and spot a good venue. Yes, you can make your event a grand one and successful one!

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